Boer War and WW1 Military Cross Canadian Gallantry group to Lieutenant Fred Campbell Young. Young served in Canada, England and France with the 31st Battalion, the Canadian Remount Depot, Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade, Headquarters 1st Canadian Division, 1st Motor Machine Gun Brigade, & Canadian Machine Gun Depot. This group comes with his Queen South Africa Boer War medal with South Africa 1902, TransVaal and Cape Colony clasps: His QSA is impressed “874 PTE F.C. YOUNG CANADIAN M.R.”. His WW1 Victory and 1914-1918 pair are impressed “Lieut .F.C. Young.” and his 1914-1915 star has his identification number (49536) on reverse. This outstanding group also comes with his photos, certificate of service and funeral card. Most importantly the group includes three CD’s full of audio material, where Young gave an interview detailing his military story from the Boer War to World War One.